Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 25 letters

We had another big wedding and baptism. This one wasn't as big because none of the other missionaries had couples to join in with us which was kind of disappointing but we still got 3 families married and baptized which is such a wonderful blessing from the lord. One of the families actually didn't participate in the the wedding they just signed the wedding papers in the morning before the wedding and then stayed and participated in the big wedding because their parents aren't here in Beira and they didn't want to do it without them. The wedding was awesome and it ran about the exact same way that the other one did. Afterwards, however, we went to their houses and had a big march with African singing all the way to their houses and they had big feasts and big stuff happen. We weren't able to stay for the food because we had to clean the chapel up after the wedding but the music and footage was fabulous. I have tons of videos to show you here in a year when I get home that you guys are going to love. 

We actually did the cakes entirely by ourselves this time and they were actually quite beautiful if I do say so myself. Preparation of cakes, the chapel and all other things however did take up an entire 2 days of our time (Thursday and Friday) which was a fun and crazy experience. I'll send you a bunch of pictures of the wedding and much of the preparation involved for you to see. 

Lots of baptisms

One of the three wedding cakes

Singing and celebrating

Brides and grooms

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