Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jun 1 letter to Dad

Colin asked some questions this week and Daniel responded.

What is your convert retention like?  Do all of the people you have baptized continue to remain active?  Do you spend a lot of time working with them as new members?  Are there enough strong, well established members to provide fellowship to all of the people you are baptizing?

The retention of converts is insanely high because of the family baptism focus. When a full family is baptized, it is an automatic support group around each and every member of the family which is a really good part of the vision of the mission. My personal philosophy is to visit each recent convert once a week and teach the lessons again. The first time through we just teach the basics but the second time through is really nice because we dive in a little deeper, using tons of scriptures and really just strengthen the testimonies of our recent converts. There are good established members but they still have there problems seeming that there really aren't any second generation members of the church. Also, we organize big family nights where everyone gets together and gets to know each other, making friends and whatnot so that everyone feels included and loved. The current ward that I am in also does a really good job of giving callings to recent converts very soon after baptism which is really nice. 

In your last baptism picture, there were 11 people dressed in white (not counting you and your comp).  In the Maningue News scoreboard, it lists you having 8 baptisms for the month of May.  Why the discrepancy?

 In the last picture that I sent, 1 man was actually baptizing his son that is eight, he is the first counselor in the bishopric. Another man in the picture is named ossumane and he baptized his brother (one of our investigators). Both of those men are insanely strong, really awesome members. 

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