Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8 letters

Q: What types of jobs do most of the people you contact have?
A: The most common jobs are gaurds, construction (make cinderblocks and stuff) and chapa drivers/workers. 
Q:Do people move very much?  Do they live by their families that they had growing up, mostly, or move away? 
 A: Most people rarely move and I would say that most stay around the area where they grew up. The majority of the people that I have taught, especially in this area are all from Beira. In my last area, it Praia Nova where it is super poor, many of them were from the province right about ours called Zambezia. They came down to get jobs and make a better life for themselves. But, yeah, people don't generally move. 
Q: Are most people literate?  Do the kids go to school?
A: Most kids go to school but the school system is terrible. They only have to go to school for like 3 hours a day. I would say the majority of people can read alright, not very well though. There is a good chunk however, that cannot read. I have had many illiterate investigators and it is really hard because they cannot gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon without somebody else reading it to them. 
So this week really kinda was disappointing. We were stuck in side from Monday until Thursday because I was sick. Throwing up and whatnot which really sucked but fortunately we were able to get out and work by Thursday which was really essential so that we could get our two marriages for next week ready to go. This week will also be super crazy because we have zone conference and another big wedding to prep for. All in all, a really hectic couple of weeks. During our time inside, we got really good at several card games and bought monopoly to play as well. We played so much hearts that we ended up creating all sorts of different versions to entertain ourselves during our endless imprisonment of different Elders being sick and whatnot.

Yesterday, one companionship of Elders from an outside area came in for zone conference so we prepped a way nice lunch to welcome them. Tacos, lemon bars, key lime pie and coca cola to top it off. It was a super nice meal for us at the house and, because their train broke down, the other elders ate it warmed up but still really good. Fortunately, because I've had to do it so often, I can now make some wicked tortillas. 

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