Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18 letter

So this week was really awesome. We have just been prepping for the wedding so that next week we can have tons of people and a great experience for everyone. I will say however, that we have been able to find some really awesome new families among all of the work for this next wedding. We are really being blessed with so many spiritual promptings to contact houses and people that are all turning out to be great new families.

Elder Keck and I are also having a great time and a lot of fun. We are able to work insanely hard and, at the same time, joke around and have a ton of fun. We are having tons of success and really this transfer is flying by. It just feels like yesterday that Elder Wood left and Elder Keck came into this area. We figured out this week that President Amorim will be going to Portugal instead which is a really crazy change and that we'll be getting president Koch, also from Brazil. It should be a really interesting change and I'm super interested to see what happens with that. I love president Kretly but am excited to see what the new mission president does to change things. 

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