Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29 letters

To Mom:

So the area is going well this week. We worked insanely hard and the area is improving a lot. Elder Goes doesn't speak any English like I said so I've been teaching him pretty intensively. Unfortunately, he's got a long ways to go. Elder Barros and I spoke Portuguese exclusively. They want to work but you really can't do anything if you don't speak the language where you are serving. Elder Goes actually has a really big fire to work but can't do anything because of the communication barrier.
One day this week we were contacting in a new area and we just got totally lost and ended up coming along side one of the queens palaces. It was pretty interesting. We flagged down a car for a ride and they said "you're lost Manzini is the other way" it was pretty funny. We had a really good time this week whilst we worked like lions.

So I've also started a stringent diet/exercise plan and it's going pretty well. I'm really increasing my health. I'll be going home soon so I'm at the end of my time to really increase my fitness here on the mission. It's going really well. My self discipline has really grown from being a missionary. That should serve me really well in the real world as well. 
To Dad:
Honestly this week I worked harder than I think I ever have before so you don't have to worry about me slowing down. Last transfer I was kind of in that mode a little bit but with the new transfer came fresh motivation and now we are working just insanely hard. The area is going well. I hope to be able to get a few of the new families that we found last week at church here in the next week. We have a few really promising prospects. Also, yesterday we knocked a house and got the number of I think the richest person I've ever actually contacted on my mission so that was pretty cool. 
I absolutely cannot wait to come home and see the beautiful new house decor and bask in 1st world country goodness for the rest of my life. I'll tell you dad that you are the only one who kindof understands coming home from a mission like me because you did of course but you have no idea the infinite additional aspects of coming home from a third world country to the United States. Ok maybe a little because you've gone on trips there but not for 2 years. I feel like Iron man when he gets back from being imprisoned in the cave and just demands an American cheeseburger. I am just absolutely pumped to eat at McDonalds or Wendy's, let alone some way nice restaurant. Not to mention the thousand other things about America that make it the best country in the world. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 22 letters

To Mom:

The work is going well. Transfers were actually today and I now have a new companion his name is Elder Goes. He is from Brazil as well and is fresh out of the MTC. He speaks absolutely no English so I will need to teach him. It's going to be a transfer of doing all of the talking in the lessons and all the work etc. Elder Barros was transferred just to the next branch here in Swaziland making this 3 different areas in Swaziland in the last 4 transfers. I hope that I leave after the end of this transfer. My whole mission I've basically been transferred where and when I want which is super lucky so I wouldn't be surprised if I left Swaziland this transfer to finish off the last two in Mozambique. 

I'm assuming that I will get the flight information of me coming home towards the end of this transfer so at the end of March. They will call me first and ask what airport I will be going to and stuff as well. I will be coming home with a bunch of other missionaries and they will buy the tickets together so I don't think I have much of a choice as to the layovers and such. I'm almost positive I will be coming home on the 21st of June to arrive on the 22nd but I'm not 100 percent sure. If you want to know I'm sure you can email President Koch and ask. Elder Woolley's parents did the same thing and he said the 21st which is why I'm pretty sure it is but it was kind of a roundabout way of getting that info, through the grapevine kind of thing, so you can ask just to confirm if you want. 

This week was kindof rough with tons of lessons falling through but it's ok. This coming week and transfer are going to be awesome. I'm sure Elder Goes and I will have good success. Elder Donker left my house which is a bummer just because he was a good friend of mine.

To Dad:

With our mission we have a big number goal system that President Koch just instituted but the numbers are all off quite a bit. It will take a bit of adjusting but I'm sure it will turn out pretty good. Here in Swazi we've been getting fairly low numbers. Usually we only get 15-20 lessons per week. In most of my past areas we averaged around 30 lessons per week. On a good week 20 to 25 lessons in Swazi 30-35 in Moz. With contacting we used to have the goal of 35 qualified contacts per week (a male that believes in Jesus Christ, has a wife and a phone) but now each area has a specific goal for it. In my area the goal is 24. 

Here in Swazi the climate is a little colder than Mozambique but  it's a lot like Chimoio. Colder and Dryer than the rest of Mozambique. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15 letter

The doctor was from Ethiopia and he is really good. It went great and I am now fine. It wasn't a surgery it was just kind of a mini surgery. He numbed my foot and then dug around in there and what not and yes it was here in Swazi. Everything was very sanitary and they thought that it was a corn when they first went in. Basically a foreign substance that got in there and then got infected. I got the worm two Thursdays ago or something. It took like 4 days until we went to the doctor because it was hurting too badly. It's called a sand worm. It's white. It's not really a common thing no but I've had a really fortunate mission health wise in comparison to the other missionaries here. For example the same day that I was at the clinic another missionary was there who has been sliced by a knife in a robbery, had two ingrown toenails, a giant spider bite and a serious eye infection. We wear shower shoes to stop all sorts of funky diseases from getting to our feet.
This week was better. We got an investigator at church and have a few other fairly promising options for next week so the work is definitely picking up.
I got my Christmas package yes, it has been super nice and I still have tons of candy to munch on. I'm actually currently chewing on some of the gum that I got so thank you. It was a magnificent package.

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8 letter

So honestly this week was the most uneventful week ever. 

Last Saturday my foot started hurting really bad and by this Tuesday it was really swollen. I went to the doctor and he put me on some pills to take out the swelling on Tuesday. Then on Thursday he performed a mini surgery on my foot to remove it and it turned out to be a worm in my foot. When he removed it it hurt so flipping bad but it's basically better by now. I hope that I will get to work tomorrow. we go back to get the bandages off tomorrow morning. It's unfortunate but I have not been able to work even once this week.

Saturday and Sunday were district conference so I got a ride there and that was pretty good I guess. 

I ate out every single day this past week because I couldn't get up to cook so the other companionship in our house would pick me up kfc or pizza every day, haha. It was pretty nice to be honest. 

No one came to church unfortunately but this week I hope to be able to actually work with them and I think next week we'll get them to church. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1 letter

This week was kind of disappointing with the families no one came to church but I'm sure that next week we'll get some families at church. Swaziland is just definitely slower going that Moz as far as missionary work goes. 

It's getting difficult to find things to write about these days just wait 4 months and a little and I'll just be home to talk about everything extensively. No I'm kidding but it really is difficult. This week we found a couple of cool families. 

Here in Swaziland and especially right now we do a lot of just walking around and trying to find people, it can be really discouraging but we just need to keep trudging forward. I don't have any pictures for you but I'll try to take some this week to send you something that matters.