Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15 letters

To Dad:

I'm sorry I don't have a ton to say. We had zone conference this week I guess which was pretty nice. We have one family in our area that is actually almost ready to go to the temple. We have been helping them through these last processes and it really is such an amazing experience that brings so much joy to see a family prep to get eternal salvation. It is incredibly rare for a family to go here. In this ward, they will be the first. We are always supposed to help people with the temple prep, it is one of our focuses but to see so much real progress is amazing. 

To Mom:

The wedding actually ran fabulously and two more families were able to get baptized. I would send pictures but the computers aren't working well right now so I'm not sure it is going to be possible. I will say that the wedding went great. 

So in the beginning we were waiting on the ward to show up and the guests and whatnot but no one was coming. I was super worried because there were so few people there to support and help these new couples for the wedding and baptism. I was praying super hard that the lord could provide a way for the wedding to go well. Just before we were going to start anyways, a big bunch of like 20 women came in from another wards relief society who were there to clean the chapel and that just wanted to come and watch. They left after the first little bit but while they were sitting in a bunch of other people came in and there turned out to be plenty of people. Really it was an amazing miracle and a wonderful experience for everyone involved. 

So today was transfers and it looks like I'm getting transferred out into the boonies to an outside area. It is a super cool area but I will just be all alone with my comp. Fortunately, I've heard good things. The whole process is still uncertain though because it is kind of a crazy situation. The transfer board didn't come out just the guy from the outside area is coming down to get me because he is my comp I guess. 

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