Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 letters

To Dad:

So my companion was in Maputo for zone conference because his companion was going home. He flew to Beira with the rest of the people getting transferred up and them him and I took a four our long bus ride out to our area. I've never seen any cool African wildlife but we did see the sticks there really is very little city in all of Mozambique so if you travel 5 minutes from any city, you're in farm land. Here in Chimoio though, there is a wildlife park that missionaries are allowed to go to that has giraffes so we'll be going there in the next few weeks for P day. I'm not yet sure what will happen when the new mission president gets here but he is apparently getting here on the second of July.

We are part of the Outside area zone so I don't know how that will work with the new mission president. I would imagine he will do a full mission tour in his first few weeks so he should come to Chimoio. When president Kretly used to come here he would usually come, stay in a hotel for a day or two, eat with the companionship there, do some trainings for the branch and then move on so we'll see how it is with the new mission president I guess. My comp has been out for 6 more weeks that I have been.

I'm excited to see the changes that are about to happen and really have been working hard.

To Mom:

This week has been plagued with one difficulty: we don't have a phone. It was lost or stolen last Monday and it has been just a nightmare trying to run an area in a city all by yourself with no phone. The stats certainly dropped and every aspect of the work has gotten so much harder. It is also a lot more difficult for us to get a phone because we are out here alone as well. Finding is especially hard because we have no way to contact the people that we talk to on the road.

We also moved the chapel here in Chimoio this week to a place just basically across the street from the former chapel. It is a lot bigger and nicer and should be really awesome as the new chapel. It is also more visible so I think that will give us a little more publicity. I'm really excited and it is a nice step for the church here in Chimoio.

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