Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letters from Elder Heald on July 29th 2014

The MTC is really changing me in the spiritual sense I think. I've basically become a scriptorian. I can pull up scriptures for all sorts of topics just off the top of my head and everyone thinks I'm like super biblically knowledgeable or whatever. The Devotionals are great, if you get a chance to read an address that elder Bednar gave to the MTC on Christmas of this last year I would suggest that you read it, it's called Characteristics of Christ. I'd watch it if at all possible. 

This is my companion, Elder Woolley

this is Elder Nate, he's a cutie, hes also way sick and awesome. I let him beat me up right here because usually I dominate him in our  wrestling matches. He's pretty wimpy

First Letter Home

From Elder Heald on July 15th 2014

The MTC is a crazy experience. Every thing that I do is part of one big spiritual experience. I've studied for endless hours and Portuguese is coming along nicely. I can bear my testimony, say a prayer, talk a little, etc in the language. We've walked to the temple and had a little free time but other than that it's a lot of work all the time. My companion is actually pretty cool, his name is Elder Woolley. He helps me become better but at the same time we have some fun. 

The food is kind of getting on my nerves but its ok I guess. for the most part it's already starting to just taste the same.

I'm the branch music director which is annoying so I have to get all the musical numbers, hymns, piano players and whatever else is involved with the music. So it's pretty much for the most part a crazy experience. 

I'm basically way tired all the time so that's another annoyance. I do enjoy what I'm doing though so it's all worth it.