Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 6 letters

So this week was really awesome. We have two families now because one of them moved to another area. They're still going good but they're just not our family anymore. The others will be baptized at the beginning of next month which will be super nice, I can't wait for the weddings/baptisms. This week we taught a lot of lessons and I have learned a lot about being a better missionary and stuff. I went on a division with Elder Ence this week which was interesting because we are both new but we got by perfectly fine and even had a couple of really good lessons. 

Today is transfers and my companion is leaving and I'm getting a new companion so that should be interesting. I don't know for sure what will happen but it will be good, I'm excited. It was a good week all in all. My house didn't change in transfers other than my companion so that is nice. 

I made this flipping good meal this week, which was nice. Unfortunately, we don't really experience the exotic food too much so I don't have any stories there. 

People are interesting and kinda weird here in Mozambique but I love it. 

We won't get general conference for a few weeks and when we do it will be in Portuguese only. We just go with members I think and watch with everyone.

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