Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 29 letter

The water was only off for like 2 days so it wasn't a big deal. We have a nice sized storage of drinkable water because no, we cannot drink tap water or any water that doesn't go through the filter or is sealed from the store.

This week was good. We had zone conference on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had interviews with the president. These were really cool experiences. Zone conference was super cool and I learned a lot. The food there was also super nice. We have some good progressing investigators and this week was just a really good missionary week. Days pass quicker and quicker and I really am starting to be enveloped into missionary work. There are a ton of things that I'm learning as a missionary. 

We have three families that are doing really awesome. Adriano and Avelena, Nordinho and Isabel, and Rosario and Dilha. These are all preparing for baptism and legal marriage on the 1st of November. Hopefully, all goes well and we can get them baptized. We have several other families with baptism dates marked and whatnot but they aren't quite as certain as these three. We gave Nordinho a priesthood blessing the other day because he was robbed and beaten. The next day he was feeling much better and it really was a miracle. I think that this experience really helped his faith grow as well as mine and my companion's. I always see the Lord's hand in the work. We have a poster in our house that we write miracles on everyday which really helps us recognize this fact especially. Our mission is a very obedient mission and I find little to no problem in keeping all of the rules.

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