Monday, October 20, 2014


So, we got a letter from Daniel today that said, "On Friday I went on a division with Elder Ence and it was really nice; we had a lot of success."  My friend in California recently joined a missionary mom facebook group and came across this entry on that group's page this morning from Elder Ence's mom, who, as it turns out, is also in that group:

This is a mothers worst nightmare to wake up and read. I  know for a fact Elder Ence and companion were being watched  over. But I just love the ending result. 

So the biggest  Miracle ever happened this week. My comp (Elder Lynn) and  Elder Stubbs are the Zone leaders of our zone and they had a  zone meeting in Matola on Friday, so Elder Heald and I were  on a split all day that day. I was super pumped because  Elder Heald is like one of my best friends out here. So that  night while we were out contacting we were on this little  side road in Heald's area that connects to the big main  road that is asphalt. So we were nearing the end of this  little dirt road and there was this dude on the right side  of the road by this Barbed-wire fence just standing there  eating peanuts. Heald and I went up to him and started  talking with him.... just the usual contact. He was an older  gentleman, and was actually pretty weird he kept saying the  same things over and over. So we were nearing the end of our  conversation, just about to get his number, when all of the  sudden he like grabbed Elder Heald and tried to pull him to  the other side of him saying "Look out". All of  the sudden I just get smashed by something and I was flying  through the air. While in mid air, I had the opportunity to  glance over my left shoulder to see Elder Heald landing on  the ground, and this white truck about to land right on top  of him...and on me. So as soon as I hit the ground I just  started rolling as hard and fast as I could to the right  hoping that I would not get landed on. Fortunately I was  safe. I quickly looked over to see if my temporary companion  was dead or not. Elder Heald was laying there in a big pill  of bricks...just inches in front of the truck. We both got  up, covered in mud ( cause it has been raining the past few  days on and off) and started brushing off our pants and  shirts, wondering what the heck just went down. Instantly,  like 20 or 30 people were surrounding us and just going off  on the driver and the lady that was in the passenger seat  next to him. They were all shouting in Dialect and it was  pretty dang intense. Then the dude we were talking to just  like appeared outta nowhere and was asking us if we were ok.  I guess he was able to dodge the truck and was only nicked  on the ankle and it was bleeding a little, but not too bad.  So while all this chaos was happening, Elder Heald, this guy, and I just like climbed up out of the yard that we got  hit into (because it was like a foot or 2 lower than the road) and noticed that we were actually launched a good 10  or so feet, haha. While climbing out, we saw the Barbed-wire  fence that we had sailed through. I have no idea how we  didn't get tangled up in the fence....or how were  didn't get hurt at all. I know for a fact that the Lord  protects his missionaries, that's for sure. The good new  is that we walked with this guy around the corner and  finished contacting him and got his phone number:D  Success!!!!!

What the heck!?!?  

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