Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27 letter

The reason that we did internet this late this week (sorry for that) is because we were on an excursion to find wild hippos and see the wild side of Africa. I'll send you a lot of pictures this week. Unfortunately we weren't able to find any hippos but we did see a ton of beautiful and cool stuff. 
Only one of the seventies ended up coming because of a flight delay and he spoke to the members and us combined because he was too late to speak to just the missionaries so that was kind of a bummer. We did get to play some b-ball while waiting which was awesome because we never get to do that. 

My investigators are doing great. On the fifteenth we will have a baptism and a wedding which will be my first so it is super exciting. We have found quite a few new families that are super awesome so I'm really excited for the future of Laulane and Hulene B. 

We went to give blood on Friday but I wasn't able to because when I saw the needle go into another missionary, I just passed out. I passed out like four consecutive times after coming to, haha. I guess my body was just having none of that. Another Elder passed out, too. We weren't able to work that day because of these incidents. It was all right though; this week was super awesome! 

Elder Ence and I did get blasted by a truck and we also blasted through a fence but had no marks from it so that was a miracle. Also the truck should have landed on us but didn't because truly the Lord was protecting us.  We weren't hurt at all except Elder Ence's ankle was a little sore and my thigh was a little sore.

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