Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elder Ence's take on the blood donation

Elder Ence wrote about the blood donation as well and I really got a kick out of his description of Daniel's fainting.  Here it is:

So this week we donated blood. It was a little sketchy because they only had 2 needles that they used between us 8 missionaries, but we got it done. It was super cool to be able to serve and save someone's life. Elder Heald and Elder Lynn both passed out. Elder Heald passed out before they even took his blood pressure. He was sitting in the chair waiting, then all of the sudden he was out, and he totally bashed his face on the ground! Elder Lynn passed out while he was giving his blood. I successfully did it w/o passing out, and I officially donated blood for my first time. In AFRICA!!!

At the end of Elder Ence's letter, he said this:

p.s. I was just kidding about the only having 2 needles thing. We all had our own and it was all good, haha. Don't worry about me;)

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