Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nov 3 letter

The policy of teaching and baptizing families is a preach my gospel principle, not a mission principle. The fact is is that most other missions don't have the amount of willing people, or discipline, to follow this principle. Plus, for example, in the US, there aren't enough families to teach to fill up the time and needed numbers. Here in Moz, we have a lot of humble people and a country that is very ready to hear the gospel to work with so we can enact the type of work that truly helps the church grow. When you baptize a family, there is a far greater chance of them remaining active in the church. Mozambique is experiencing astounding numbers as a result of this vision. The church attendance rate is rising faster than the baptism rate because the retention is so high and reactivation is taking place to some degree.

We have several really awesome families currently, which is really nice. We are working with several people that we just found and it is really awesome. This area has truly experienced a lot of growth in the past four weeks and my companion and I are working like crazy to make this area a really prosperous area. We work in all phases of the work at the same time, with helping members go to the temple, finding and teaching investigators as well as reactivation. It is really rewarding and our area is experiencing a lot of growth. Today, we arranged a family night between several families (our investigators, less actives and a really strong member). We will buy the treats and come up with an activity and it should be a really good experience that will help these members and investigators grow and integrate. 
Dad, that's funny that you would mention risk because we play risk quite a lot. We played on the election day and when we have to stay at home and on p-days and stuff; it's super fun. Also, we went bowling once. The problem is there isn't any place to play basketball or soccer or anything. The church is just a house so it's got nothing in there. The only way we could play good sports is if we went all the way to Matola which is three hours away, so there isn't enough time for that. We went looking for hippos but it was perfectly safe, plus we're protected as missionaries. 

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