Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15 Letter

So this week was fairly uneventful compared to previous weeks, culture shock wise. I didn't see too many awesome or super weird things in that sense. It was a really good week spiritually, though. Adriano and Avalena are a really awesome family that we have. They are really receptive to the gospel because they literally have no previous gospel knowledge. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but they didn't even know what the word prophet was. They are awesome though. We visit them a lot and they came to church so they are a really good progressing family. Hopefully we can progress them to baptism soon. We have another family that has the husband as a nonmember and the wife as a member. They are an almost guaranteed baptism soon because they are such a prepared family. Those families are a real blessing to my companion and me. 

So, on Friday I went on a division with another elder in our district, like usual because my comp is DL. We did contacts all day and got sick of it so we decided to do some door knocking. We said a prayer that we would find someone and immediately some lady walked up to us and said she would like to get a visit; we didn't even have to knock a door! We went, taught the restoration, and it was really great. Every day I see miracles like this and the Lord's hand is so apparent in the mission. 

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