Thursday, September 4, 2014

Email Conversation

Since it was Donell's Birthday on Sunday, she decided to stay up late to see if she could have a "real-time" email conversation with Daniel (Mozambique is 8 hours ahead of Utah).  Here is their conversation (Elder Heald's words in green):

Tomorrow is Labor Day, so there’s no school or work and I don’t have to wake up early, thank goodness.  Maybe I’ll stay up and see if you write soon so I can write you back right away.  We won’t have many opportunities to do that because of the time difference, so I might see about doing it tonight.
well I'm emailing now if you are still awake
wow isn't it like 1:30 or something?
Yes.  I'm really tired now.  I was just heading off to bed and decided to check one last time.  How are you this week?  Do you feel like a real missionary now with over a week under your belt?
yeah but at the same time it is really hard to get used to missionary life. Especially when there are six other elders in your house with way more experience
Well, at least you have Elder Ence with as little experience as you.  

We saw that the other MTC missionaries arrived.  That's good.  You're senior to them, so you're not the greenest greeny.  

hahaha that is true but they get to go up to beira where the people are nicer. It's way better up there from what I hear.

Is Beira northern?  How are they nicer?

yes, and they are just way more receptive to the gospel, even though the people here are super reseptive as well.

Oh.  We had a talk with grandma and grandpa tonight about the boisterous nature of the singing.  Gpa wants to know if it's all enthusiastic make a joyful noise singing.
yes, they are super happy and sing as loud as they possibly can, I can't even hear the piano when I'm playing.
there aren't really other piano players so it kinda sucks

happy bday, I wrote "mom" on my hand so I could remember it was your birthday all day

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