Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22 letter

So, this week was pretty much a usual missionary week. We are progressing several investigators and always finding new ones. We work in all spheres of the work, all the time: finding, teaching, baptizing and helping members to the temple. We just go out and work hard and the Lord takes care of the rest. 

On my Birthday, we went to the city for a training by our area seventy, Elder Kumbilani(Sp?). We went a little early as a district and ate a nice lunch for my birthday. It was really nice. The training was good, too. It was a little weird because he doesn't speak Portuguese so there was a translator and whatnot, but it was really nice. I am able to communicate better and better in Portuguese as the days go on and it is really exciting. 

I don't really have any crazy stories because things are getting to be more and more normal so I've lost track of what would be good to share. One of our investigators got beat up and robbed the other day so we had to give him a blessing of health. I had to say the anointing in Portuguese, which was nerve-wracking. Also, we didn't notice, but our investigator's wife held her hands about ours on the blessing when we were giving it. Technically, that isn't wrong I guess because she didn't touch our hands but it was still a missed teaching opportunity about priesthood power and such. 

We don't have many members in our area and only about two active families, which is really low so things are sometimes difficult in that respect. We are working really hard to strengthen the members in our area, though. The mission vision is still baptizing families but, as a companionship, we are working on the side goal of strengthening these members. 

Our water is currently out so things are tough with that. Hopefully, it turns back on soon because we will run out of water to drink.  We can't take showers, wash our hands and do all sorts of things. You never realize how important water and electricity and stuff are until you don't have them haha. This same thing is the case for a lot of things because I find myself missing the most random things about America and the most random people. For example, I really miss just driving my car. 

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