Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily schedule and finally answering some questions!

They do sell European chocolate which is nice because they import a lot of things from South Africa. They don't follow European sports at all so I'm totally cut off of everything. I don't know what sho means. I think that it is some random dialect thing but idk. The other missionaries are from: Hatfield-Tennessee, Thomas-Farmington, Armindo-Mozambique, Gage-Washington, Souza-Brazil, Lynn-Wyoming and Ence-Hurricane, Utah. We usually speak English at home only, unless Elder Armindo or Souza is in the convo in which case we kind of have to explain and do a mixture type thing. my district is just our house. I can understand if I really concentrate and I still miss a lot of things but my Portuguese is coming along nicely. I don't know the exact address of our house but it is on the fourteenth street in Maxasine(sp?) which is the neighborhood across the big road from Magaonine. We work in Hulene B and Laulani which are up the road to the round about and turn right. It's really hard to describe. Angola was part of the mission but now it is its own mission and Swazi was added like 3 months ago. All of the beds have mosquito nets. Our laundry day is Thursday because we have a laundry machine in our house but the drying takes forever and we only have three racks.

Normal day:
6:30 - wake up, eat, shower, shave etc. and work out.
8:00 - personal study
9:00 - comp study
10:00-12:00 contacts or lessons
12:00 - lunch
13:00 - 12 weeks study
14:00 - language
15:00-21:00 contacts/lessons
22:30 - bed
This could be different based on lesson schedules and whatever else might come up.
On Friday, we have district meeting for an hour and a half after lunch
6:30 wake up
until church at nine we might just get ready or go pick up families to come to church with
9:00 church
13:00 lunch
all four studies until 17:00 and then lessons until 21:00
wake up and get ready at 6:30
from about 8:00 until 18:00 we do whatever which includes internet, sports, naps and we also have to do personal and companionship studies during that time. And we also shop on that day as well. but this week p-day was on Tuesday because Monday was a holiday.
After that it just turns into a normal day and we just do lessons until later.

We might have meetings with the branch president or correlation or other things throughout the week randomly. Also we have to do divisions usually on Friday because my comp is the district leader. 
Side notes from home: We think it's funny that Daniel is using a military clock already.  We also think it's funny that he called splits "divisions".  Also, Daniel's Nana told him before he left to be sure and send his address, even if it was just the third hut past the fork in the road by the cow, or something like that.  His address isn't far off from that description that we really laughed about a few months ago!  And Colin's really amused that his companion is Hatfield from Tennessee.

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