Thursday, September 4, 2014

Second Letter from the Field

Ok so this week was super crazy.
We taught a lot and did a lot of contacting and the normal missionary stuff; it was pretty tiring. I learn how to say more and more Portuguese every day so it continues getting better. I think of home a lot but it's ok because the mission is really rewarding, albeit hard.
We have several progressing families and I hope that on the 27 of September we can get some of them to be baptized, but we'll see. There is a lot of weird stuff that you see and my comp is pretty impatient when people disrespect him or are drunk or something but I just think it's hilarious. 

The other day a bunch of 12-13 year old girls came up to my comp and I and ask for our autographs, I signed Joseph Smith haha. Also at the end of a lesson, one guy tried to pay us for our services.  We just said we do it out of love, not for money.
I don't know if I already talked about this, but some kid got hit by a car, something that happens often, and he just held onto his drink. No one even paid him any mind, It was pretty funny.
We taught a rich guy the other day who actually had carpet, so that was interesting. We gave him a Book of Mormon.
Things are so busy here, there's hardly a spare moment.

We saw some 18 year oldish kids running home yesterday with their faces all bloody. They had just gotten in a huge fight, so that was kinda cool as well.
There are all sorts of crazy fruits and I love trying all the new ones. I ate a huge papaya the other day which wasn't super good, and then there was another way weird fruit that I don't know the name of that was a bunch of seeds that you suck the fruit off of.
Yesterday, some drunk guy came up to us and my comp, who is way impatient with drunk people, stormed ahead so I was talking to him (in English which was weird and nice) and eventually we dumped his beer out and told him to go home. Haha, he was so drunk that I doubt he could ever remember us.
Anyways, love you guys,

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