Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30 letter

So yes President Koch was here in Chimoio this week. Yes, I got my package, no I didn't get transferred and I didn't have any baptisms this week.
President Koch: So he got here in the morning on Sunday and came straight to church. Then he gave a big lesson to all the people instead of the relief society and Priesthood meetings and stuff. And then, we had sacrament meeting last. There was a ton a people there and it was way sick. Then we had some other meetings. We had to do a presidency meeting and the audit and some other good stuff. All in all a really good experience. Then afterwords we went went to the hotel and ate lunch with the Kochs and also the first counselor in the mission presidency. It was really good. They also checked our house out but fortunately it was way clean so that went really good.
Package: I really liked the package, especially the big thing of taco seasoning.  Thanks for putting together that album.
Transfers: neither I nor Elder Brown got transfered which is just so awesome. I was so happy when president Koch told me I was staying. Then today we got the entire transfer board and found out that elder brown was staying too and we were way happy. I will pass Christmas and the New year here in Chimoio I really am so excited.
I will say that doing skype in an outside area is just so sick. The reason is because there is no time limit so I can just talk to you guys for a lot longer. There won't be a bunch of other missionaries in the background bugging you to get off so that they can talk to their families and whatnot.

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