Monday, November 9, 2015

Nov 9 letters

From Mom:I read an article in the Ensign about literacy in Ghana. How is the literacy in Mozambique?  Do people learn to read and write Portuguese?  Are the native languages written or are they just verbal languages?  Do most people know Portuguese?  This article said that even though English is the official language of Ghana, only about 50% of the population knows it and that the native languages are only verbal languages, so people don’t really read or write, especially the women.
From Daniel to Mom:
The English Colonies are a little different than the rest of them. They allowed the native languages to be more prevalent. In Portuguese Colonies, however, they tried to smother the native languages. Everyone still speaks them but at the same time everyone also speaks Portuguese. It's rare to see someone who doesn't speak Portuguese and if they don't they are usually way old. There are a lot of people however who can't read. Or read very poorly. There are very very few who read Portuguese better than me or other missionaries. Those languages are not written either no. 
We were watching general conference for the first time this week and I really enjoyed the conference. I really liked President Nelson's talk and some other ones from some seventies. We had some other fun experiences this week. We ate a fruit called licha. One of the families that we baptized has a tree and we picked a bunch and ate them. They are pretty good.
To Dad:
So this week was a really good week on my end. A lot of families got some good progress done on documents and also spiritually. We have a new family that is really good that I'm super pumped about. They are coming along great. 

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