Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23 letters

To Mom:
I haven't received a package in a long time but I think this week I'll be receiving a package which should be nice. Next Monday are transfers and the mission president is coming this week to Chimoio so I'll probably get my package somewhere in there. It should be a really good week. I'm super excited for President Koch to come. He will give some trainings and he's going to do some visits with us which should be really nice. Then on next Monday transfers are coming which might mean a new area for me. I've been in Chimoio for a long time.

This week was pretty good. We had some good visits. I was sick one night and another night the weather was so bad that we couldn't go out. The rainy season has hit hard. Also, we took our first real shower yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks which was way nice. Maybe this week we'll take some more real showers because there is a lot of water through rain. Aside from the normal African problems the week went fairly well. More of our families made some good progress and we should finish it all of this week for the marriages which will be nice. I gave a training to all of the youth that are leaders (deacons quorum and stuff). It was really good and they really learned some of there duties and responsibilities. 
To Dad:
Man I seriously miss eating good food at restaurants. The best food that I can eat here in Chimoio is the food that I cook for us. To go home and try the smallest thing will just be heaven. I can't even describe the taste of even any old fast food restaurant will just be heavenly. I cannot wait for the food, It is definitely one of the biggest things for me in thinking about home. I'm not really that far off either just 7 months left. A good amount of time to really work and get things done; it should be really good. I can't say, however, that I won't see that day as the greatest day ever as you know as a former missionary. Although I will say that you left you family and home but still remained in the United States. Leaving the country to a place so poor makes it exponentially more poignant. 

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