Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31 letter

Our next transfer is next Monday. I will probably not get transfered. I have only been here for two transfers and Elder McAllister has been here for 4 transfers so I will probably stay. I would be super bummed if I left but I'm not too worried. I doubt we get any more missionaries but I guess it's a small possibility because our mission is getting the biggest group that has ever come in this transfer so I don't know.
We were able to open the marriage process for a family this week which means that things are set for this Saturday which should be really nice. We are going to have a really awesome day this Saturday. Lots of baptisms and a good marriage too. I'll be sure to send some pictures as well.
The branch here is growing tons. This week we got the highest all time attendance of Chimoio so maybe soon we'll be able to split and get the church really going here in Chimoio. We are really working hard with the leadership to get things organized so things are definitely looking up here in the Chimoio branch and area.
We taught about marriage a few times this week and several families accepted the challenge to get married so the work is really rolling. It's super amazing the blessing the lord has given our area and the amazing families that we have the privilege of helping. I am in a competition with one of our investigators in reading the book of Mormon. If I win they owe us lunch if he wins I will teach them how to make key lime pie. I was at Alma chapter 1 and he just finished 1 Nephi so whoever finishes the next book first wins. I don't know where he's at right now but I'm in the 20s.
One night we went to do visits with one family and all the families wanted to visit the others with us so we ended up going into the last lesson with three full families with us which was pretty funny. They are all friends and neighbors haha. It was super funny just watching them converse. They are going to really strengthen each other in the church which will be super nice.
Celse continues to be awesome. There is an army of kids that are all his neighbors and friends that go to church now. He just can't help but invite everyone. His mom came to church and told the women in relief society that she was there because her son told her he would never go to the Catholic church so she figured she'd go with him. He loves to read the scriptures and help others and stuff. It's truly amazing.
This week we go to Beira for a zone conference with a seventy so that should be pretty good. 

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