Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24 letters

To Mom:

This week was also incredibly awesome again. We had tons of success with a bunch of investigators at church. The Branch and our number of investigators is definitely growing big time. Sounds like you are having a great time over there in America, enjoying all of the 21st century conveniences and 1st world country comforts. We are just warrioring it out over here. This week we actually didn't have any water for 6 straight days. It was pretty rough. There wasn't even enough water to take bucket showers.
It's crazy how many things are happening in my absence. Marriages, homecomings, sicknesses and so much more. The world will be a different place when I get back. Certainly, taking in the life of a normal person will be like trying to drink water from a fire hose. With all the new things to do and old hobbies and whatnot it's going to be something crazy. I actually only have 10 months left on the mission now so it's definitely moving along quickly. That of course doesn't mean that I can take my foot of the gas, rather, it needs to be a sprint to the finish. 
We have a bunch of new families that are just loving the church and we are progressing very fast. We brought another one of our investigator families over for a visit to one of them and they got along great. The way I can describe their conversation as listening to a bunch of talkative old people, It was pretty funny.

This week we actually directed a funeral. Some people went to the house of a member (she is just a daughter of the house) to support her because her aunt died. The Girl who died (she was murdered) didn't have a church so the funeral duties were left to the church of our members parents. Their church didn't show up because they suck so they asked us if we would direct. Our first counselor directed and I gave the graveside speech. It was quite the experience. When they brought the casket out at the funeral home all of the women family member fell on the ground weeping as is mozambiquan tradition. It was definitely interesting. They put like suitcases on the grave and bury them with tons of plates and stuff to use after I guess. 
To Dad:
We never really teach anyone that doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. The followers of any church here are either so strong because they are immigrants or something or they just don't know what they are talking about. For example, the majority of all muslims believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. People just go to church because they have some inner desire to go to church. Most Mozambiquans actually believe that every church is true and that you just have to find the right church for you. I would say that that is a much bigger battle that to convince them that they should go to our church as opposed to theirs.
The thing is is that no mozambiquans really have any religious background knowledge wise. They have just gone their whole lives and the info goes in one ear and out the other. They don't know anything and take anything we say as the truth so the battle is create real testimonies and help them understand the doctrine. 

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