Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8 letters

The baptism this week was super awesome and I really loved the wedding. Probably the most relaxed wedding that I've had here and I just loved it. I would consider those two days among the best of my entire mission. Those young men were all baptized as well. The next baptism and marriage is close to ready as well. We want to try and get a few young people and two couples for this one so things are still falling into place and some more documents need to be done. It should probably happen at the end of September.
I did get my birthday package and I'm sorry but I already opened it. I really wanted to use the contacts for the wedding. Great package though! Thank you so much.
So yesterday was transfers and things are super crazy. Elder McAllister got transferred to Maputo which bummed both of us out. I just received a brand new missionary so I'm training. Also, The transfers say that I am going to be serving in the branch presidency which I hope goes through because I think I would really be able to take action and help the branch really grow. This is kind of a rare calling but a great opportunity. No missionary has been trained in an outside area for over 2 years and the last one in Chimoio was in 2011 so that is also super rare.

A missionary from Davis High came in this week that I knew and liked. It was super weird talking to him because we are from the same grade but at this point I am a veteran missionary and he is just a brand new greenie. 
When the water goes out we have a few days of the water in the tank and then that's it. We have some buckets and stuff that we usually have filled up and we can take bucket showers. If worse comes to worst we can always go to one of the neighbors' houses and use their well to get some water but that water is kind of sketchy because you never know if there is a leaking septic tank near by or something. That's how it goes here in Chimoio.
This past week was awesome. At the zone conference I was able to have an interview with Elder Hamilton of the Seventy and that was interesting plus the training he gave was super cool. There was a question and answer session that was pretty nice as well. 
Mouzinho - 1st counselor in branch presidency; Micheque and Minda - our couple; Pres Machava - the branch president; Meivas - president's wife and RS president

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