Friday, August 7, 2015

August 3 letter

So this week we had a ton of lessons in preparation for our baptism this past Saturday and the big group that will be baptized here in a few weeks. The work is really going great and accelerating here in Chimoio and we are truly being blessed with tons of success. The baptism ran great and was really spiritual. One of the kids that we baptized is super funny, his name is Celso. He is sooooo happy to be baptized hahah. Ever since we told him that he could be baptized he has just been so happy. He calls us all the time witch for him really expensive phone credit just to tell us how happy he is. He wants to say both prayers in every lesson just because, he tells us, he's happy. We told him we'd give him a scripture highlighter for his new scriptures that he received with baptism and he called us this morning asking for it. We told him to come over to our house and he just basically yelled into the phone I'm coming I'm coming! and ran the whole way hahahah. He's a really good kid. The other 2 that we baptized are really awesome too. I'll send some pictures. 

Another family that we have, Micheque and Minda are making terrific progress on documents and spiritually. It's really awesome and they are progressing really well. The area really is going fabulously not only because of the high numbers but because of the high quality of the investigators that the lord has blessed us with.


The stove is what 99.9 percent of people cook on here or a wood fire if they're really poor.

Everyone carries stuff on their heads

The house of a member

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