Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 4 letters

I got the package and it was wonderful thank you. The ties are also super awesome. That black paisley is just beautiful. Also, the candy is still treating me wonderfully. 

So today was transfers and the whole mission just spun around. I got a new comp in my current area named Elder Keck, I've only heard good things about him so I'm excited. Also, all the elders in my house are leaving to go down south so I'm about the inherit a ton of food and other supplies so that should be super nice. Other than that, there is no real information with the transfers. This week was fairly uneventful though. 

One cool story that I heard this week but also really scary was about one of the strongest members in our area. His nephew died and only a few people from the church came to support him so he got kindof offended. We talked to him and tried to help him get over it and he seemed fine but apparently he told his wife that they weren't going to go to church anymore or at least that sunday. Saturday night, he had a dream, of which I'm not positive on the details, and woke up super really and told everyone that they needed to get ready to go to church immediately. It's pretty miraculous how the lords watches over his kingdom because he is a really necessary member in our branch. 

To Colin:
This past week my comp was sick one of the days so I was able to watch all of general conference in English which was really nice. My favorite talks were the same and I actually watched Elder Renlends talk 3 times because it was so good. I also enjoyed President Eyring's talk in the priesthood session and a few others. I also watched conference in portuguese but it's just not the same, especially because it is such a headache to understand. first of all, it's brazillian portuguese which is just a little bit harder to understand for me, big words that no mozambiquan wound ever use and they speak at lightning speed to keep up with the english. Some are harder to understand than others. My favorite talk was the one of the guy who actually spoke portuguese which I actually understood without having to really try. 

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