Sunday, May 17, 2015

April 27 letters

Well, to answer your first question I am just an expert of the baixa (city). All of the internet cafes are in the downtown area and since I worked there I have several of my secret places that don't lose internet in a situation like that so I was able to do email anyways. 

For this house we don't have any food rotation because there are only 4 elders in our house.  Every Sunday however, I instituted a house meal plan so that we could have really good Sunday night dinners. The plan is that one companionship cooks the meal and the other does the dessert. Yesterday, I made a triple batch of lemon bars and the other Elders that are here from an outside area for zone conference ate it. They were super impressed with the meal though which was nice. 

I see Elder Ence actually quite a bit because all of us play Gatorball together every p-day (a game that is a mixture between football and soccer). I actually just saw him a few minutes ago. He does live in the furthest area in beira from me though and he isn't in the same zone.

I got my package a few weeks ago apparently but someone put it in some back room in the church (probably the senior couple) so I never actually ended up getting it. Today I'm going to the church though to finally pick it up. It should be super nice to have though, I'm really excited. 

So, this past week was really good, we had zone conference, which was super nice and really spiritual. One talk that you should read/watch if you can find it is about Grace by Brad Wilcox. I don't know the name of the talk exactly but it's really good. We learned a lot and I really gained a lot of ideas and paradigms that I will be able to apply in my life as a missionary and after as well. We also got to watch a new church film after called "Meet the Mormons" which was really good. Today, I visited a bunch of families from my old area in the baixa which was really rewarding and heartwarming. Several actually called me during the week asking me to come by and visit which really made me grateful for the chance that the lord gave me to touch the lives of these families. 

This next week, the mission will lose 12 missionaries and gain 0 so many areas will be closing which is pretty sad, hopefully, a bunch of missionaries are going into the MTC though so that we can have a growth next transfer. 

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