Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24 letter

I am a senior companion but I'm not training or anything, although that does sometimes happen. I'm with Elder Dustin from Bountiful in the city of Beira. My area is called Baixa A. It has some of the coolest things in the mission. There is a restaurant that is the most beloved restaurant of missionaries of Mozambique in it called Muslim Mondays. The missionaries call it that at least. You get fries, chicken and other, more Mozambiquan dishes there. It is super good. I love it. There are lots of cool shops that sell awesome stuff. There's a bridge that the missionaries call beggars bridge with a bunch of beggars. I think I'll buy a bunch of fake watches, African sculptures, African backpacks and a bunch of other stuff before I come home for sure. The area really is super awesome. We have tons of families that are really doing well and will be baptized in the next month or two. 

I feel perfectly confident in the language; there is no problem there. The dialect here is different than in Maputo, but here they don't really speak it nearly as much. We have three companionships in my house. They're all a bunch of good guys. We have Elder Williams and Elder Walker, both from Utah I think, Us and Elder Reed and Veloso (a Mozambiquan). Reed is from Logan. The house is really cool and I like it a lot. Up here in Beira I'm finally close enough that we can play soccer ever pday! so I'm super excited to play for the first time today. 

The people are great in both places but I would have to say I'm liking this area better. It is just the sickest area in the mission. Tons of awesome families that are super prepared for the gospel, great stuff, and our house is waaaay nicer. We even have a dryer. My room is like 3 times as big and the ground has tile and the shower is way nicer. It is really nice. Plus the store where we go shopping is in our area too so that is super nice. No, we definitely do not have any sister missionaries because there are only like 8 in the whole mission and they only serve in Maputo. All of them were in my last zone, the only zone that has sisters, and we saw them occasionally. They worked in the city (the only missionaries that do besides the office elders and AP's). Also the only elders that are ever in their district are also the office elders and AP's. Actually, Swazi has like 4 sisters too.

The package thing is really iffy. I doubt I'll get all of these abundance of packages. Many will be forgotten or not given to me in a good amount of time. If they did, it would be a miracle. However, there is a new AP, so maybe he'll be a little bit better about getting the packages out really well, idk. I doubt it, though. I'm super excited for those packages though!!

That's awesome about Uncle Dave and that side of the family. I really do miss parties over there, the food especially. Speaking of which, do you think you could send me pictures of a bunch of recipes? I was thinking... cookies and deserts (especially lemon bars), Nana's meat pie (if possible, pastry included), scones, navajo tacos, tortillas, fajitas, and just all the meals I loved. Although, if it has cheese or shortening, it won't be possible. Stuff with potatoes is great. 

I'm super excited for Thanksgiving. We will be making a great Thanksgiving banquet on Thursday as a combined house effort. Should be really good. I really miss Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, you guys are super lucky. I bet Adam is just gonna have the time of his life. 

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