Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17 letter

We had a wedding and Baptism and stuff like that these past two days. Also transfers is today and I'm going to be going up to Beira, so I fly out tonight. 

The Wedding was nice and the baptism was the next day before church because the font was kinda dirty from the rainstorm the day before. (the font is a pool outside the church) After the wedding, which was nice, we went over to the house of the bride's mom and had a little party. It was really cool and a really happy occasion. We had a really scary moment when they did the usual champagne cap popping thing and toast but fortunately our couple just grabbed some coke at the last moment. We were sweating bullets, though. The baptism was really nice, too. Elder Stubbs did the baptizing and it went really nice. 

Other than the baptism and wedding, there really isn't that much to talk about this week. We had a fairly tough week and had a lot of tough work to do. One day we did a service project and went to clean up a soccer field (sand field). I was able to rally the help of like thirty little kids and we actually got a lot of work done which was really cool. I just said things like "who wants a clean field?!" "what do you need to do?!" and stuff haha, they loved it and hopefully it makes an impression on them to not litter and stuff. 

We have a little ice cream machine in our area that Elder Stubbs and I frequently have gotten ice cream from which is kindof cool. It isn't quite as good as american Ice cream but it's like 30 cents haha. For last P-day, we went to the beach and played soccer. It was good and everyone had a good time. There were snacks and treats and we just had a good time. Everyone was kinda weirded out because of a bunch of white people on the beach but it was fun. 

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