Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15 letter

The doctor was from Ethiopia and he is really good. It went great and I am now fine. It wasn't a surgery it was just kind of a mini surgery. He numbed my foot and then dug around in there and what not and yes it was here in Swazi. Everything was very sanitary and they thought that it was a corn when they first went in. Basically a foreign substance that got in there and then got infected. I got the worm two Thursdays ago or something. It took like 4 days until we went to the doctor because it was hurting too badly. It's called a sand worm. It's white. It's not really a common thing no but I've had a really fortunate mission health wise in comparison to the other missionaries here. For example the same day that I was at the clinic another missionary was there who has been sliced by a knife in a robbery, had two ingrown toenails, a giant spider bite and a serious eye infection. We wear shower shoes to stop all sorts of funky diseases from getting to our feet.
This week was better. We got an investigator at church and have a few other fairly promising options for next week so the work is definitely picking up.
I got my Christmas package yes, it has been super nice and I still have tons of candy to munch on. I'm actually currently chewing on some of the gum that I got so thank you. It was a magnificent package.

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