Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5 emails

To Mom:
President Koch actually calls us fairly frequently and asks about our area. He talks to me about a bunch of the stuff that goes on over here so that's pretty nice. I don't think the outside areas are his focus but he does put more interest in us than president Kretly did. 

Every companionship has a cell phone that the mission pays for the minutes and such. Our zone leaders live in Nampula and our district is made up of the Elders from Tete and Maxixe which is kind of bizarre but good. The nearest missionaries are in Beira, though. The calls are all easily paid for with the giant plan that the mission has and pays for. 

So this week we had another wedding/baptism which was super nice. We had a few youth and one couple get baptized. I'll send you some pictures with this email if I can. 

This week we are flying to Beira for zone conference so I'll give you some updates on that next week.

This week we also climbed a pretty sweet mountain which is quite rare for Mozambique that is almost all super flat. It was a beautiful view of our whole area. We saw some way sick giant lizards and it was pretty good.

This week we are out of water again unfortunately so the whole crappy reality of that is back again. 

(From Mom): A weird thing about this week was this super weird dream I had about you the other night.  I don’t remember very many of the details, but one thing I remember is that you were home form your mission and you wore fake eyelashes.  And they were really obviously fake because they weren’t wide enough for your eyes and they were about 2 inches long, so they were like these shooting spider legs out the middle of your eyelids only.  You said they were all the rage and that you loved them and they were super cool.  I didn’t get it.  You were doing some other bizarre things, but I can’t remember what. Have you started wearing fake eyelashes?

Daniel's response: No I have real eyelashes 

To Dad:
Occasionally it gets a little chilly and it rains a lot but it's usually just a really warm rain. The heat just kills me though. I am so excited to experience cold again. It won't happen for a long time yet though but in the meantime I'll just endure the incredible heat. Fortunately I'm in Chimoio which is the second coldest city in Mozambique. But even with that it's still super hot.

I really like Elder Renlund. The branch president and I looked up the new apostles together and we were way pumped and high fiving and stuff when we say that Renlund was the new apostle. We were super excited. 

The suit jacket was something that my comp and I had made by a member. They're pretty sweet, I like them a lot. 

They don't seem to have jumpsuits that are Daniel's size!

me and one of my best buddies here in Mozambique, his name is Daniel

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