Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28 letters

To Mom:

(In answer to my questions about Beira) It's about 4 hours to Beira by this really crappy bus thing that we have to take.

This past week was really good. We had a lot of really nice lessons and this next week we should be able to make a ton of document progress with a bunch of families to set up some marriages for next month which will be nice. We also have a marriage this Saturday so that is going to be way amazing. I'll send you a picture of the whole thing too so that should be good. 

To Dad:

I'll tell you a story of this week instead of mom just because I don't know how she'll react to this one haha. So last week when we were doing email and shopping and whatnot, someone broke into our house and robbed us. It was really funny though because we came in to the yard and my first thought was dang we forgot to lock the door. Then, I saw the lock all cut on the ground and my heart dropped. Then I went to our room to see what they had robbed and my first thought went to some American dollars that I had. They had looked through my suitcase but not found this money. Then, I thought of my electric shaver and they had also missed that. Elder Brown pointed out that he had one thousand met on his desk that they hadn't taken. I began to subconsciously doubt that we got robbed and then I remembered the cut lock. I guess they were disrupted during the robbery and weren't able to get everything.  All they got was our dvd player, an empty gas tank, both of my sidebags and both of us had old crappy broken cameras that they stole. They'd even broken into the closet that has our safe and not taken the safe haha. It was pretty funny. The one problem is that now I can't wear a sidebag because they were both stolen haha. 

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