Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19 letter

We came home after church and took a little nap and then went out to work like normal last week which was good. It's always good to get back into the normal routine after a trip like that. Its something pretty unusual that I don't think a lot of missions have but these vacation zone conferences are pretty sick.
Elder Brown and I are staying together for another transfer. Basically nothing changed for me with these transfers. The next one is on November 30 so I expect to leave then but you never know I guess. I'm super excited though because I just love Chimoio.
Here in Mozambique there are not real movie theaters. That's actually something I'm really looking forward to seeing again. They have this little stick huts with a tv in them that you can pay a little money (I don't know how much because I've never gone in one) and watch a movie. All movies are dubbed over English movies. They love crazy bloody action movies here though. People can buy cable here and it's just all the south African channels most of which are in English, but a lot of people have it anyways. There is one Mozambiquan TV company that does news and shows some Brazilian and Mexican novelas that people watch. That's the normal that everyone watches. There are 2 channels I think.
Most people don't know how to use the internet and the majority don't have computers but if they do you can buy internet. It isn't a monthly bill though you buy a little credit to use. The vast majority of people have just crappy phones. Some have smart phones but Iphones are insanely rare. I've never seen one just on the road but at the airport it is possible to see them. Plus the senior couples and President have Iphones. 
We helped one of our families move to this absolutely tiny house. The room in the second picture is like 3 feet wide and i don't think I could lie down in it. We can't stand straight in the house. They are super poor and this is their first house that they own. Next year they will start to build a real house on the land that they own. 

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