Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12 letter

Zone conference was really good. I was also able to get into my extra suitcase in the office as we passed through Maputo. That was nice because there was some pants and shirts that I was able to grab and replenish my supply. Also, a couple of nice ties. 

So we got on a plane Thursday morning to Maputo. We then had a layover for a few hours at which point I got into my suitcase and we ate at KFC with Elder Keck and his comp because I haven't seen him for a few transfers and he is working in Maputo. Then we hopped on the plane and went to Beira. I was able to visit all of the families that I baptized in Maraza on Friday and Saturday which was super nice. I really enjoyed spending time with them and I was delighted to hear that they are all still strong in the church. It was definitely a rejuvenating experience.

Zone conference was on Friday and was really good as well. We heard some trainings from the zone leaders, APs and obviously President and Sister Koch. I probably enjoyed the part when we split up into the three zones that were there and had our trainings from our zone leaders the best. I also had an interview with president Koch which was really good as well. We talked about the branch and whatnot.

On Saturday night we got on a plane going to Maputo and then slept there. We had to wake up super early to catch our flight to Chimoio. That was all really good but we were definitely really tired on Sunday. We arrived at church just in time for me to stand up and give a talk which also went really well. I talked about how we can have a better and more real conversion.

Everything is going really great over here and I'm really enjoying my time. Although I will say that I feel like going home is definitely creeping up on me faster than I think is possible.
seeing my best little girlfriends from Maraza

the line at the water payment place (at least 4 hours of waiting)

The plane ticket

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