Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday!

To Mom:

My Wallet had fallen out when we got a ride from a random guy and it was really a miracle how it came back to be in my possession. He found my wallet in the back of his car and then gave his number to some worker guys that work by where he dropped us off. We walked past there again and they gave us the guy's number. Then we called the guy and I got my wallet but he had used all the money. He has slowly paid back the money and he said he'll finish the rest today. So really a good story of integrity. It was quite a surprise but an awesome story.
This week was really interesting. We went to Beira to do some migration documents for me. I feel pretty old on the mission because I'm having to do this stuff. Before I know it I think I'll be home. Time is certainly accelerating as things go along. These most recent transfers and months have just flown by. It helps that I just love Chimoio. 
Today, before we came to do internet, we went to the register and opened a marriage process so it's a guarantee for the 3rd of October. We should have a really awesome baptism that day involving 5 people. Plus this marriage should be pretty big too because they really want a real marriage. They even made us push the wedding back again so that he could have his salary and have a bigger party. They are pretty poor but combine all the different sources of money and it should be a pretty dope day.

Things are really going great with Elder Brown and I. We are getting along nice. He is a good missionary with a desire to learn and I don' t think that I could ask for a better trainee. It's kind of crazy training in an outside area because I have such a large influence on him. He has no other example or missionary to see. No divisions, nothing. 
To Dad:
We did a few mentionable things for my birthday. Firstly, when we were in Beira on wednesday I took some money out and we went to one of the nicest restaurants there with some of the other elders that I like. It was really good, I got ribs (some of the best meat I've had in a while). Then yesterday, after church a bunch of my favorite kids came over to our house and hung out in the yard while I made a ton of pancakes for all of them as a birthday celebration. There wasn't enough milk for us to have any though so I just made it for the kids and then fortunately, my recent converts (micheque and Minda) invited us over for lunch or we wouldn't have had any food, haha. The majority of people do not celebrate birthdays and the poorest don't even know what their birthdays are. It was a good birthday I guess though. 

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