Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 17 letter

So, this week was really crazy. 

First, we finally got the first stake in Mozambique and it was created in Maputo! For the occasion, on Wednesday, we got the information that all the missionaries in the mission would be going down to the event of the creation of the stake. The Elders in Beira all took a bus for 18 hours to arrive there in Maputo. It was sort of like a mini vacation and was super awesome. The new stake was created and the leaders were called by Elder Ellis of the seventy. We went to a chapel in Beira on Friday night and slept until 3 in the morning at which point we got on the bus. We arrived in Maputo late, ate a quick dinner and then left the chapel there to stay at various places. For me this place was at one of the senior couples house along with 7 other missionaries. The next morning we woke up and went over to the chapel where the stakes would be made and all the missionaries were there. We got to see a lot of wild Africa but didn't see anything particularly noteworthy. The stake was created, and after the meeting we went back and lunch was provided by the senior couples for all the non-Maputo elders. We ate and then went out into the city of Maputo to tract and stuff. We knocked a few apartment buildings and stuff and then came back at 6 o clock for dinner. After dinner we went to bed immediately because the next morning we had to leave on the bus at 4 o clock again. It was a really awesome experience. The bus did get a flat tire on the way back which was kinda funny but they repaired it in about an hour and we were on our way again. We were in a small little town when that happened so we just bought cokes and sat around and waited. 

With Belmiro and Isabel (it's Isabel not Elizabet, typing error there), we just taught them law of chastity and they accepted marriage so we'll start on their marriage documents and in no time they will be married. It is super exciting. It was a little difficult being away from the area for 3 days but lots of people still went to church which is really nice. 

Another miracle that happened this week was that we had to register a women so that she can get married (one of our investigators). We went to the register and tried registering her but because she is 22, it's really hard to register. (not registered means not even a citizen of Mozambique yet, no birth certificate, no nothing). They rejected her but then we went in there and were able to sweet talk the boss of the register and she was registered! this is awesome because now they can get married here in a month or so and baptized on the same day.  They are a super awesome family, her name is Rosita.

Oh and our house stayed the same in transfers other than Elder Walker left and we got an elder from Portugal in his place.
This picture is all the missionaries that came in with my group from the MTC.

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