Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9 letters

Today was supposed to be transfers but they delayed it so, according to them it will be on Wednesday but I don't know. I've made the biscuits these past 2 weeks a few times now and they have turned out just great. So what we do in our house for meals is we do house meals. We have six missionaries in our house so how it works is each person cooks for the rest of the people on his day. This, on that day, is in the place of language study so it keeps lunch times down and less time wasted on cooking. So I make 1 meal for everyone else each week. I don't know how that will continue for the next weeks with transfers and all but we'll see. I have made biscuits 3 times now. On my last two meals and for my comp in his last meal. They turned out super good and everyone loved them. I actually used margarine which maybe made the difference but I don't know. I didn't actually make the biscuits the first time I just gave the recipe to my first comp and he made them so he probably just messed up and did something stupid. Either way I think butter works out just fine. 
President Kretly will leave right around my year mark which will be sad but I'm sure whoever will come in will be super awesome too and have a whole bunch of new different things to teach me and the rest of the missionaries.
That family that I contacted last week are still going super awesome. They went to church last week and it was super awesome. He actually bore his testimony on his first day of Church. His name is Belmiro and her name is Elisabet. We are taking them to the family night at the Moianies house this week (that rich family) which should be super good.

Another really awesome story is about a family night that we had with a bunch of families all in the part of our area called Praia nova. We have the main city area, Ponta-Gea, Maquenino and this area called Praia nova which is the most poor area in any area in all the mission. It is super awesome and all of our investigator families are from there. Also, we have a few members there as well. We did a family night for all of our investigators in Praia nova and all of the members. We ended up having a total of 29 people there with a bunch more random kids. We made cake, played the game "cat and mouse" with our ties and they bought soda. Also, I talked about temples and tons of new friends were made. We are planning to do this weekly and I think it will be a big success. I'll send some pictures of the family night.
To Dad: This week we had the awesome opportunity to hear from Tadd R Callister of the sunday school presidency and Brother Gibson of the young men general presidency. Brother Callister talked about some really awesome things about the Atonement because he is an expert on the subject with his book "The Infinite Atonement" which, I forgot to tell mom, but that would be awesome to send me in the package. Elder Gibson also talked about some other cool stuff. I definitely grew as a person and as a missionary from listening to them talk and I look forward to applying the things that they talked about in my life and as a missionary. 

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