Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23 letter

This week was nice. One problem did occur though with our area. We usually work on the beach (a really poor area) but this week the tides came in and broke the sand barriers. The water came rushing through and many members' and investigators' houses are flooded. We have to wear big boots everywhere we go because the water is too deep. We spent several nights bucketing water out of their houses and doing the best to help them in this time of need. It really did show their faith though when they came to church despite the many problems with water that are happening in the zone of praia nova.

Belmiro and Isabel are still doing great and we are looking at a marriage and baptism date of the 21 of March. It should be an awesome day blessed with many marriages and baptisms with happiness all around. We are working really hard with several families for this date. The problem is really just coming down to if they stay strong and have the money to do marriage documents. 

This week wasn't really full of awesome stories so I don't have anything really miraculous for you guys but I will say that our families and investigators are coming along great. 

Rosita and Gonzolvez

Belmiro and Isabel

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