Monday, February 9, 2015


Family night in Praia Nova
From Feb 17 letter: The thing about the other kids is that when they see a party they just mob the area in hope of getting some food or something so that's why we had a bunch of bandwagoner kids at the family night. We did do the family night again and got even more people there, it was super awesome again. 
At a birthday party - I hope hand symbols are different in Mozambique. :)
From Feb 17 letter: The middle finger means the same thing but it's not really as bad and I don't really know what those kids were doing anyways, they probably just didn't know.
Calton and Delilah's house
From Feb 17 letter: Calton and Delila are the richest family that I have ever baptized, but they are not the way rich family that we do p-day family nights with. 
Baptism of Ludmila and Catarina
From Feb 17 letter: That other elder is Elder Thurstan and he is in my house. Elder Thurstan and his companion, Elder Reed, taught Catarina and Elder Dustin and I taught Ludmila. 

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