Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 30 letters

To Mom:

This week was seriously way good. We had lots of good lessons and progress amongst the investigators and everything is lining up well for my last day. We also planned several parties with many of the families that I baptized for my last few days where we'll just eat a big dinner, look at pictures and I have a big project of gifts that I'm doing to give to all of them. Costly, but worth it. 

To Dad:

So with the baptisms everything is going pretty well but stressful that's for sure. The money is really tight with them so the weddings are still not guaranteed. It looks pretty for sure at this point but this week has been a roller coaster to know if they are actually going to pull it off or not. Tomorrow we should finish it off with one of them and then the other on Friday. It should be all good for us to get 2 families and three singles baptized on the 18th still which is just going to be so awesome. Honestly, I've been so laser focused on these families and this, my final goal, that I haven't been able to get too trunky. The only day where I find myself thinking a lot about home is on pday. 

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