Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 23 letters

To Mom:

So there were a few things that I forgot to mention last week that I would have liked to mention. First, I forgot to say that President Koch is going to send our baptism to the Liahona to be an article there. That should be pretty cool to be in the Liahona. Also, I forgot to mention that our Batthroom problem is now fixed which is nice. They had to remodel the entire thing but finally, finally the shower kindof works. However, it's really been sucking with the hot water still and really the house still has water problems it's kindof depressing. Today I didn't take a shower because the water is out. Every time I get bummed about it though I just think of the shower downstairs at home and smile and get excited for unlimited hot water. 

We have been planning my last week in Beira lately and there are a bunch of families which will be throwing parties and stuff for me to go home. It should be super nice. I'm sad to leave all of them but at the same time excited to see everything at home. 

We have two men who have been coming to church for several weeks and are super cool and way good investigators and their wives finally came this week for the first time with them and seriously loved it so it's looking like after I leave there will still be lots of good stuff rolling in for Elder Huffaker and his future comp. They are really prepared families and will definitely get baptized. Things are really going well in the area. 

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