Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 letters

To Mom:
This week was a really good week. On Tuesday we sat with a really good family. They are understanding the message terrifically and reading the Book of Mormon a lot. This week will probably tell if they will truly progress until baptism or not. I'm super excited for them and keep them in my prayers constantly. They have some serious potential. We also found another 2 really good families that have a lot of potential as well. We have a lot of potential in the area right now but nothing is really set yet. They could all work out for baptisms or all not so it's a crucial time of faith, prayer and careful teaching. 

At church we had the husband of a family come to church but his wife stayed back. Unfortunately, we are redrawing the area boundaries (my idea) and will be giving this family to another companionship. It's ok though because it should help them and I'm sure they will love and help this family progress. He even stood up and bore his testimony in Gospel Principals and said that he wan's to be baptized so they should be pretty good for the branch. I'm excited for their progress. 

To Dad:
At the beginning of April we have transfers and I actually asked to be transferred to Beira to spend my last 2 there with all of the families I baptized. President said that he would see if it was possible but who knows. I could be transferred or just stay. I'm hoping to get transferred to there though. Not because I hate Swaziland, in fact I love it here and the area is picking up. We have several pretty good families that are currently progressing but I want to see those people again before I finish my mission and live in Beira again (I love it there). 

Don't worry about the whole role of Christ in my life. I've gained such a powerful testimony of Christ since being here in Africa on my mission. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is his church and that he loves and cares about me. He wants to help me and is always at my side. I could never forget about him for even one second, whether I'm here or there. Some missionaries are excited to go home to not have to do church things all the time anymore or not have a calling but I'm really excited to get a calling and magnify it with all my ability. You remember how I used to say that I would never be a bishop because of the work being too much but now I would be excited for the opportunity to help the lord and others. I don't know what will happen to me in the church, job or elsewhere but I will always have Christ at the center of it all. Truly my duty to him is more important than any other that I have, have had or ever will have in my life. 

Getting back into sports will be super nice. I'm excited to follow them again and have a blast watching march madness, NFL, NBA and City action. It's going to be amazing. I wouldn't say that it is at the top of the list for things I am excited for. I thought about that the other day and made a top 5 things I'm excited for (not the best use of my time but it was one night when I was thinking about home a lot, haha) 1. family 2. freedom to do whatever 3. friends 4. good American food 5. movies. 
last night

Daniel and Elder Barros

Elder Barros, Sister Dudu, and Daniel

Daniel and Elder Goes

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