Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20 letter

This week on Thursday we got a bus over to Beira and that night were able to visit all of my old families in the Maraza area. It was super awesome and I was able to have a great time hanging out with them. Then, on Friday, we were able to have the zone conference. President Koch talked about some things, no big changes or anything yet, but it was really good. Then we had our interviews which were nice and that was about it. He is different than President Kretly for sure, one of the senior couples put it best when she said he is a minister not an administer like president Kretly.
This week we had just an amazing week at church with well over 20 investigators there. The work is certainly accelerating here in Chimoio and next transfer we should have many baptisms including several families. We were able to have some great visits with our favorite families and find some new ones. Others came out of the woodwork from being almost dropped to coming to church. All in all, a really good week.
I have decided to focus on two of the piano students that I have. One is that rich investigator that we have because he already took piano lessons and has really good potential and the other is young woman in the ward who also has really good potential. I gave the extra piano of the church to that young woman to practice and Fulgencio (our investigator) already has a piano. I also teach others randomly just because they beg me but I focus mainly on these other two.

This week we also took up a bunch of 8 to 15 year old kids because they have been coming to church for a long time without being baptized so we have them come to our house every morning to be taught and in a couple weeks we'll baptize all of them. 

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