Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 letters

With the loss of the phone we just used our guard's phone and I had my previous areas phone numbers memorized so it wasn't that bad to get in contact with the mission office. Migration work is a id that you have to get once a year in order to be legal in Mozambique, it's called a DIRE. It costs a ton of money and is one of the reasons why Mozambique is the third most expensive mission in the world.
No I'm not a member of the Beira nor the Manga Zone but yes, I will be there. The outside areas are their own zone and several are going to the Beira Zone conference while others are going to the zone conference in Maputo [to meet the new mission president]. 
In this branch since I've gotten here we haven't been able to walk with too many members. Fortunately, this week we were able to sit with several members and young single adults and therefore gain there confidence. The work that we will be able to do with members should definitely improve as we move along into the coming weeks so that is something fairly exciting about this week.
 The trip that we had to Beira this week was actually really nice and productive. Also, the year mark was nice, we went out to a really nice restaurant in the city. Unfortunately, it was not as good as it should have been for the price but, nevertheless, it was a pretty good meal. Then, we got many visits in with our favorite families. My relationship with this area is growing and I'm meeting and learning to love new people everyday, I hope that one day, it can be as nice as my previous area in Maraza. 
The weather is certainly different here in Chimoio. It's less humid and quite a bit colder. It's actually fabulous weather and I just love that aspect of Chimoio. It's never too hot or too cold, it really reminds me of a slightly colder San Diego. The sweet family is going super well. He wasn't able to make it to church though because of a work thing but she came and he came to our English and Piano classes yesterday. Yeah, haha, by the way, my companion teaches English and I teach Piano every Saturday. It's pretty fun. I don't have any callings but I did have to give a talk in church last week. The branch is actually run pretty well and none of the organizations really needs too much help from us as the missionaries so we just sit in with our investigators and help them out. It's actually really nice. 

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