Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23 letter

So, firstly, this week I got transferred. I'm actually changing areas which is really weird. My companion, Elder Dustin, will be staying in the area for his 6th straight transfer. It actually makes me really sad that I'm leaving. All of the awesome families and great friends that I have made and love so much. I will just be moving across the city to an area called Maraza. That is the ward. I will be with an Elder named Elder Wood and my house will just be the apartment directly below my current one. It is identical just not quite as well taken care of. It should be fine. Elder Wood is from Davis High. 

Beira just became a stake which is awesome. Also Manga became a district so now Mozambique has 2 stakes and 1 district. Lots of miracles are happening here in Mozambique. 
We also had a really awesome marriage and baptism. The marriage was really well set up and awesome. Right before we started, the power went out though so we did the marriage by phone light which was kinda funny. It all turned out great though and the family was super happy. That happened on Friday night. Saturday morning we baptized them and also a girl named Shakira. It was a really awesome experience. Shakira was baptized by Castelo, another kid that we baptized in December. It was cool but he messed up like 15 times before he got it right. It was fun though. Now I have to say bye to all of those people and it makes me really sad. It will be fine though. I'll get by. 

Then, on Sunday we had the giant meeting for the creation of the stake which was also super spiritual and awesome. We have a couple of really cool new families but I won't talk about them because I'll be leaving them so it will just be depressing. Anyways, the miracles are continuing and things are going great here in Mozambique. 

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