Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16 letter

The power is starting to be a little bit more reliable this past week though so things should be better in that regard. It's pretty much still just really hot and humid all of the time but it hasn't rained in a while which is nice because raining really slows the work down. People don't come to church, get sick and such. 

There's another family that I would like to tell the story of that I think you guys will like. We visited them for the first time about a month ago and on the first visit the wife was bawling and hysterical because she was under the impression that her husband was cheating on her which may have actually been true. They were pretty much deciding to split up even though they had a child together. (this was on a Saturday) We sat them down and had a talk about love and the commandments and gave them the first steps to repairing their relationship and following Christ and stuff. They stopped fighting and the very next day went to church. They have never stopped making progress and it has been a miracle how the gospel of Jesus Christ has really touched and changed their lives so drastically. Truly a miracle from the lord. 

This week we will be having a family baptism of one of my favorite families ever. They will be married on Friday and then on Saturday baptized. It will be one of the happiest moments ever seeing them follow Christ through the waters of baptism, especially because I love them so much. Then on Sunday, the stake will be created here in Beira and on Monday I'll most definitely get a new companion. Should be a really crazy week and I'll tell you how it goes. With the family that we are baptizing a lot of awesome miracles happened with the marriage documents to make this week possible but we are finally here and the wonderful day will actually happen. 

This past week was a really good one. Church went a lot better and our branch really functioned well to be more like a ward. I'm super excited and happy to see the branch grow and be as good as it is now. Things are definitely going great here in the Baixa Branch of Beira and the miracles are so awesome to observe.

Here are some pictures of our house:

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