Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 4 letters

Yeah, my baptisms happened and they turned out super awesome. Everything is amazing, I can't describe how awesome the area currently is and how awesome these new families we have are. For New Years we had to come home early because there were so many drunk people. We just did weekly planning so it was whatever. Other than that we didn't celebrate at all. 

Our zone conference was this past Friday. I got your big package and also the one from the young women. The candy is super awesome. I'm gonna use it in church to control the kids with candy. We really need to show the primary how it's done so Elder Dustin and I have taught the primary and I intend to really whip it into shape. They don't learn songs and the kids run wild in the church all the time. We need to get them on the right pattern of learning songs, being reverent and keeping them away from their parents. No worries there though, I'm great with kids so we've kicked some butt. Plus they're kids and African so they're suckers for candy. Also thanks for the shaver, workout equipment and everything else! 

Here in moz a lot of the work that we do has to do with strengthening the branches. The organization is absolutely terrible, they really need help. So there are some questions I'd like to ask to Bishop Nelson about presidencies, callings and stuff. Right now me and my comp are working with the branch president to call and solidify all of the auxiliary presidencies in our branch which will be a lot of work and training that Elder Dustin and I will be giving. 

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