Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 19 letter

Transfers are every 6 weeks but this last transfer randomly was 8 weeks because of the end of year situation and zone conference and stuff so this transfer will only last 4 weeks. These past weeks have been good. Last week we did three family home evenings where we brought one of investigating families over to the houses of members like usual. They all turned out just great. I brought Uno to one of the houses and it just killed it. They loved it so much. I was wondering if you could send me 2 or 3 new decks of uno cards so I could give them away. They really don't have anything like it and it would mean the world to them. 

These past few weeks the work has been going great. We're working our butts off and it's really paying off. We are having tons of success and it's really fun. I really am grateful that I'm out here serving the lord. It's super awesome. 

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