Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MTC Life

I've never sent you a description of my schedule so I'll do that now:

6:30 - wake up
7:00 - study in classroom
7:45 - breakfast
8:30 - study in classroom (teacher)
12:30 - lunch
1:15 - study in classroom (teacher)
4:15 - Gym
5:30 - dinner
6:30 - personal study in classroom
7:30 - companionship study in classroom
8:30 - language study in classroom
9:30 - get ready for bed
10:00 - companionship study in residence
10:15 - personal study in residence
10:30 - lights out
It's a pretty grueling schedule but I'll survive and I have so far so it's all good
On Tuesdays and Sundays we have different schedules. Tuesday is P-day obviously so it's much easier. Sunday we have church and interviews with the branch president and such but it is my second favorite day. on both of those days we have a devotional after dinner at 7:00, today we should be getting an apostle to speak to us so I'm excited for that. on Wednesdays and Saturdays we also have a slightly changed schedule because in the morning we have service which is basically just cleaning something for like an hour instead of early morning study and part of classroom study at 8:30.
With love
Elder Heald

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